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Sorry, English is not my vernacular, we will soon turn everything into proper English.
Those who understand Hebrew can read on our website in Israel from 2013

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about VRisrael 2013

about VRisrael 2013
Sorry, English is not my native language, we will soon turn everything into proper English.
Those who understand Hebrew can read on our website in Israel from 2013

Let me introduce myself, my name is Larry Singol and I set up the first store in Israel to sell virtual reality products in Israel in 2013.

Until six years ago I was in the field of computers and the Internet, a field where I worked for over 25 years and when I heard that Facebook was buying a small company called Oculus, I realized that virtual reality was ripe, I was excited, I was waiting for it from the nineties.

At the same time as the Facebook, Samsung and Google companies that were pioneers (in this incarnation of virtual reality), I established virtual reality Israel, the token fell on me very quickly, I understood the effects and processes that will happen in the future What it will do to the world and to reality itself.

One of the goals of Virtual Reality Israel is to help prepare the public for what is coming and that is why our team has been writing and writing articles in Hebrew for many years and manages the largest Facebook and YouTube channel group in Israel. On the site you will find news information, an active forum for questions and answers, troubleshooting guides of the best experts in the field, as well as information on all models and parts of the field in Hebrew.

Virtual Reality Israel is taking part in the production of the TV show "The Crazy World" on the subject of Virtual Reality, which is broadcast by the ONE channel.

In addition to the option to purchase VR / AR / MR products in our store, you can also purchase related products in the store, such as: 360 cameras, virtual and augmented reality suits, virtual and augmented reality gloves, virtual and augmented reality facilities, control controllers and joysticks and more ...

We in virtual reality Israel, take you on a journey to a parallel world, which is just beyond the lens and you are all welcome to be with us as part of the next technological revolution, so say goodbye to your new reality.

Why do customers from Israel and around the world buy in Israel 2013 in virtual reality?

The short list:
Human response all the time 24/7 a year
Remote support and service to our customers throughout the year
Laboratory services for AR / VR glasses for one year at israel
Shipping insurance - if it is necessary to send the product to the manufacturer it will be done at our expense
English language service by phone and online
One year product warranty from our store as well
Manufacturer Warranty
Very personal and fast service from the moment of ordering to the customer's home.
Software services
Import services
Establishment of projects
30 years of experience
Amazon and eBay Affiliate Program
... and more

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